marți, 30 august 2011

Nadia Ali - When it Rains (Official Music Video)

O putem numi "Queen of Clubs" - dupa numele unui album din 2010.

Nadia Ali - aceasta regina neincoronata a muzicii trance (nu house) din cluburile care se respecta (poate sunt 2-3 in toata Romania, maxim) a scos un nou single.

Totul functioneaza ireprosabil in colaborarea cu casa de muzica Armada , la fel ca si in celelalte lansari de succes, dintre care amintesc piesa atat de faina "Feels So Good" despre care v-am amintit recent.

Evident, superba interpreta originala din Pakistan, va avea succes si cu aceasta piesa pe care v-o recomand astazi, la numai cateva zile de la lansarea oficiala. Tineti aproape, pentru a afla, tot ce este nou din muzica de calitate (progressive-trance) ce nu trebuie confundata cu ritmul de "bumtzi-bumtzi" atat de obositor in cluburile din Romania ;)


What a mark carved on my heart
I was struck by cupid's darts
Hit so fast I did not see
Before I knew, love captured me
Believe me this was not my choice
I did my best to quite the noise
Will ever he know what he's done?
The depth in which this potion runs

When it rains, it pours down
It won't stop from coming now
One step closer to the flood
I am all drowned in your love

Every dawn gives way to dusk
With each story endings come
With the ticking of the clock
I long for another touch

Could I have known this fate at all?
I did not know I'd get caught up
Every sunset brings forth light
And soon enough my sun will rise

Heaven knows this only the beginning
I can all ready see where this is heading
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