vineri, 11 martie 2016

SpellGround 2016 : Dunarea / Capidava : This summer we #WillPutaSpellOnYou

#Spellground2016 will take place from August 12 to 14, near Fortress Capidava.

We will have a festival that happens something other than concerts and not have to leave the country.

* 3-day festival, 18 international artists, 40 Romanian artists and newcomers.

* 3 stages: Stage headliners, Electro Stage and Stage Newcomers

* 72 hours of live music, arts and cultural activities, fun and positive vibe.

This summer we #WillPutaSpellOnYou

Tickets available here on : Bilete.Ro

For more info, you should check this link on official site : SpellGround.Ro
Or, just one click and you grab the latest info on Facebook official page ;)

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